About Us

How we came to the Boone Docks.

Chris Kuehn and Mary Smoliak purchased TJs Marine in March of 2016. The business was renamed to Boone Docks Marine shortly after purchase.

Chris Kuehn is a U.S. Navy veteran and has traveled around the world. "I've landed and catapulted on and off of 14 different U.S. aircraft carriers." He is an avid fisherman and has been actively involved in the acquisition and sales of marine-based products for over 20 years. Before Boone Docks Marine, he spent 18 years in the technology industry and has also owned a restaurant/supper club in the past.

Interesting Fact:  We have the actual horn off of the U.S.S. Constellation. When you buy a new pontoon or boat, you can honk our horn!

How did we come up with the name "Boone Docks Marine"? Several reasons: First, Mary always called her daughter (Brooke) Boone Boone as a fun nickname. Second, we moved out to the boon docks when we purchased the business. Third, we sell a large amount of docks and we are an award winning marine dock shop with Hewitt our dock manufacturer.

Chris and Mary

Mary Smoliak has been in technology and project management for over 22 years. "I started fishing with my Dad when I was a little girl and love being on the water." She has shared this love with her daughter Brooke, who recently graduated college. Smoliak also loves motorcycles, old muscle cars, and four legged creatures, and 'believes that Sasquatch lives in the Siren area by the shop'.

We want our customers to know: "If we don't have it, we will get it for you fast and at a great price!"

Our business vision is to be the community leader in providing the most reliable, affordable and effective marine-based products and services to allow our customers to get the most from their outdoor recreations.

Five Star Rated!

What are customers say about us.


"Best service anywhere, and service is king."

- Brett B.


"Chris and Mary are like dealing with friends."

- TheGoo


"Great place, greater people."

- Steve W.


"Awesome folk, Mary and Chris. Pleasure to do business with them!! They know their stuff!"

- Tony


"Chris and Mary sure go the extra mile to make their customers happy."

- Chris S.


"Great service and products. I highly recommend."

- Doug H.